Farewell Donkey Wednesday

First, a donkey story from the Jamaica Gleaner.

Second.  Hey, SixApart!  Cee-Lo and I have a message for you:

Lately I've been thinking that maybe I'm over the internet.  I rarely feel the need to create a real blog post– with sentences and thoughts and stuff.  Even Tumblr (which is more like hitting ping pong balls at the internet and seeing if anybody hits one back) has lost a bit of its luster.  I have been passing through a long valley of depression and I think that may be part of it, too.  I had even started a post about how I've reached the end of the internet and had nothing more to contribute. 

Even though I was ready to pull the plug on myself, I do not feel like being euthanized by SixApart. I do not go gentle into that good night.

Until I decide where I shall go I have staked out my moniker on all the free sites. Please friend me up.










I'm really rather flummoxed. Where to move my stuff?  Where to post things?  What about my hundreds of music files?  And what about the donkeys???

I just don't know.

My input to Vox has dwindled to nothing lately but I have still enjoyed dropping by the neighborhood page and catching up on you guys and your hijinx.  I hope to see you all around the nets.

Here's some new B&S.

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Zedonkey Wednesday

Now with extra stripey cuteness!

I have a busy day lined up but I thought you'd like to stare at this explosion of adorableness.  I know I do!

She's a 4-day old zedonk at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Lumpkin County, Ga.and she's making the rounds in the internet news today. There's more at NPR.   

Belated (and angry) Donkey Wednesday

I was so upset by this story about a parasailing Russian donkey that I got agitated and forgot to post it yesterday.

The article is woefully light on details of the donkey's present whereabouts and well-being.

Those fucking Russians.  First with the dancing bears and now with this… Ima hafta slap some bitches.

American Mammoth Jackstock Wednesday

As I glanced through the news to see what's up with donkeys this week I came across an article from Virginia about a woman who is raising American Mammoth Jackstock. These are the really tall donkeys that people breed with horses to get the largest possible mules

From my amateur's understanding, Mammoth Jackstock are the donkeys that are descended from the two Andalusian donkeys that George Washington got from Charles III of Spain.

I like what Audrey Cadle says about her big ole donkeys…

They’re a fight, not flight, animal, she said. Unlike horses, the
donkeys hardly ever spook. If Cadle and Gus are out on a ride and he
encounters a situation he’s uncomfortable with, he will stand there and
determine how he feels about it before moving forward. He once jumped
four feet so he wouldn’t have to touch a small puddle, but after that he
was fine.

I would pay good money to see them play with their cones and pool noodles.

3-D Donkey Wednesday

I found an
article in Bloomberg
about a donkey who is an extra in Francesca Zambello’s
production of the opera Carmen at the Royal Opera House in London.  Her name is Pollyanne and she is a rescue
donkey from John McLaren’s Island Farm
Donkey Sanctuary
.  She, a horse named
Louis, AND some chickens  are beloved members
of the cast.  Well, I don’t know so much
about the chickens but the audience loves Louis and Pollyanne and they seeme to
enjoy each other.  They get excited to
see each other and sometimes neigh and bray at each other in the performance.


Zambello is also making a film of the opera and is doing so
with RealD, Inc., who did Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.  Now, I would probably not see a 3-D film of
an opera UNLESS it had a donkey in it. 
So they got me there.  I'll be seeing it. 🙂

Donkey Wednesday salutes Buridan’s Ass.

Despite my interest in all-things-ass I was
not aware of this particular allegory until it turned up as the word of the day on June 3
of this year
.  So, let me overshare…

Buridan’s Ass is a
donkey (cute and furry in my retelling) who is standing equidistant to two
piles of hay.  Since they are apparently
equal the donkey cannot decide which one to eat from.  He ends up starving.  The point is that it is impractical to base
all decisions solely on pure reason.

I’ve done a bit of looking about and sometimes the ass is between a bucket
of food and a bucket of water, both equally enticing.  I believe that originally Buridan used a dog
but it got changed over time to an ass. 
I endorse this change since I am familiar with dog logic and it ain’t
strong.  No dog is going to die when
there’s water and food laying around. 

So consider yourself now edified in the ways of Mr. Buridan’s Ass.

Celebrity Pet Files Wednesday

Imagine my surprise when I wandered past this book on the nonfiction shelves yesterday.  Why did I not know that my favorite Texan has done a book on celebrity pets?  How do these things happen?

I get the feeling that Kinky's Celebrity Pet FIles is one of those things that The Kinkster threw together from bits of old Texas Monthly articles.  The celebrities selected are a hodge-podge of characters from Ann Richards to Bud Cort to Mark Twain.  And of course Willie's in there.  The best entries are about the person's pets but there are also some celebrity anecdotes accompanied by a picture with a pet as well.  And I don't mean to seem snooty, for I am no celebrity hound, but does anybody under forty know who Ruth Buzzi is???  Kinky, sometimes you make me shake my head.  Nevertheless, I love looking at animals and reading colorful anecdotes about them so I spent an enjoyable evening with the book.

Another reason I am cutting this book some slack is because I understand that it's an excuse to talk about and raise support for animal shelters.  Specifically, Kinky and I would like it if you were to support Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch in Medina, Texas.  You can donate, adopt, or– if you're like me– you'll order the salsa.

(Spoiler Alert!!!  No celebrities have donkeys.  Except for Kinky)

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