Do good donkey Wednesday


Too good to miss

If you aren't too offended by the f-word and the n-word you should definitely listen to this new Cee-lo.


And, it's a sing-along.  So there's that.

And, while you're at it you may like this:

"I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" [Wilco] by JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound – VIDEO

Russian Donkey Recap Wednesday

After the big media kerfluffle over the parasailing donkey,
British tabloid The Sun stepped in and purchased the donkey for 70,000 roubles
(£1,500 or  $2,346.75).  She is now ensconced in the Kremlin Horse
Riding School where she receives four-star treatment.  You can see the story here.



According to The Guardian, Komsomolskaya Pravda says they got the wrong
  The donkey getting the massages
and organic carrots is Anpaka.  The donkey
who went on the sky ride is Manya, and she is still at home by the Black

I had hoped for a happy ending to this story, but instead we will have to settle for a Loretta Lynn song containing a mule analogy.

Zedonkey Wednesday

Now with extra stripey cuteness!

I have a busy day lined up but I thought you'd like to stare at this explosion of adorableness.  I know I do!

She's a 4-day old zedonk at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Lumpkin County, Ga.and she's making the rounds in the internet news today. There's more at NPR.   

Belated (and angry) Donkey Wednesday

I was so upset by this story about a parasailing Russian donkey that I got agitated and forgot to post it yesterday.

The article is woefully light on details of the donkey's present whereabouts and well-being.

Those fucking Russians.  First with the dancing bears and now with this… Ima hafta slap some bitches.

Hi, yall.

Tom Waits Rendered in Coffee and Cigarettes

When I saw this fabulous print by MikeOncley at Etsy I had to share it with my Vox peeps. 

Coffee and Cigarettes – Tom Waits & Iggy Pop

I drink the coffee at IHOP.

We're All Mad Here
Tom Waits

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