Donkey Wednesday: Eyore Loses a Tail

This week we are going to celebrate possibly the world’s most famous– and certainly the world’s most depressed– donkey, Eyore.

eyore lost his tailIn one of my favorite stories of all time, Eyore loses his tail.  WARNING: plot spoilers

As the book opens Eyore is feeling down.  Pooh notices that Eyore’s tail is missing.  After a little checking, Eyore agrees that, yes, his tail appears to be missing and remarks that, “That accounts for a great deal.”

Pooh, being the great friend that he is, goes out looking for the tail and, by accident, finds it at Owl’s house.  Owl found the tail in a bush and took it home to use as a bell pull.  Pooh retrieves the tail and returns it to Eyore.  They get Christopher Robin to nail it back on.

As Pooh sings a little self-congratulatory song Eyore is practically happy.  The End.

eyore has his tail back


Can’t stop the donkeys!

(I have considered discontinuing Donkey Wednesday.  Frankly it is difficult to locate a new donkey story or hatch a new donkey thought every week.  Actually, it’s interesting that a cursory search of Intetnet news usually does yield some ass-related tidbit.  This fact coupled with the fact that donkeys just make me happy have caused the donkeys to make the move over to WordPress.)

A donkey named Poppy saved a goat named Buttermilk from a mountain lion whose name is being with withheld for legal reasons.  The story appeared yesterday but the attack actually occurred about 5 weeks ago in Paradise, California.

Poppy & Buttermilk

Poppy & Buttermilk

Art Colyer, the animals’ owner, was awakened one night by a terrible ruckus in the barnyard.  He discovered a mountain lion had Buttermilk the goat by the face.  Here’s how he relates the subsequent events:

“All of the sudden Poppy, the donkey, came running out of the periphery into the spotlight and she was just braying with just amazing intensity right in the face of the face of this mountain lion,” he said. “Her next move was to just start stomping on him. She started just running around a whooping it up and hitting him with everything she had. It was amazing how she just laid into him.”

This reminds me of that great scene from Brighty Of The Grand Canyon where Brighty has to fight the mountain lion.  But this was in REAL LIFE.  Poppy is one bad-ass frickin’ donkey!

Anyway, Buttermilk has recovered nicely and she and Poppy are now very close friends.  You can watch the news report and read more about it here.

In closing, I’d like to show you a well-known internet picture of which this story reminds me.

Worst Dogs Ever